Alessandro Marelli
Alessandro Marelli

Alessandro Marelli, born in Brianza – very well known wood/furniture industry district in the North of Milan – has always been interested in and concerned with all the themes about “project”, participating in the development of public and private furnishing with different companies and architecture studios, getting so to the bottom of knowledge of the “subject” wood.
During his studies at “Politecnico di Milano”, Alessandro Marelli had the chance of coming in touch with Enzo Mari.After the degree in Industrial Design, he co-operated for a short time with Prospero Rasulo.
Called by Enzo Mari, he has worked as his unique co-worker for some years. During this period he helped with the development of several projects, among them for example the preparation of Mari’s exhibition “The art of Design” at the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Turin.After this experience, Alessandro Marelli has decided to start his own atelier and to dedicate himself completely to the “project”.


Exhibition in Milan “Analogico Digitale” spazio Subalterno1 (2012)

“ESAGONO” libreria in legno (2009)

“PANCA” seduta pubblica con briccole di Venezia (2011)

“BASS GUITAR” chitarra elettrica (2010/12)

“LUXURY IS NOT A WASTE” site specific exhibition project a cura di Vincenzo Basile, Roma (2014/2015)

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