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Viciados pelo mar
prototipo (2013)

Autore Zanini de Zanine e Giorgio Bonaguro





UNHATE Foundation
Curator Lilliana Basile
Italia/Brasile project

ONDA, Benassi_0570

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Photograph courtesy of Daniel Benassi Pellicione and Andrea Basile

MADE - Mercado Arte Design, exhibition curator Waldick Jatobà, Design Week, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013)
THE NEW RINASCIMENTO, Design the Italian Excellence, Fuorisalone Design Week, Milano (2014)


August 2013, São Paulo

A wave that brings together. A wave that tears apart.

As sweet as the Mediterranean Sea, and as glass melted by fire.

As violent as the Ocean in Rio de Janeiro, as the tropical and light wood.

Ondã is the second edition of the Italia.Brasile project supported by Unhate Foundation; created and curated by Lilliana Basile, who has invited two international designers to co-create an object, by exchanging knowledge, languages and culture through the new means of communication. Designers Giorgio Bonaguro (Italia)
 and Zanini de Zanine (Brazil), great names of contemporary design, have been selected in order to dialogue together in this edition. Their meeting has given life
to a family of objects that tell about the sea, glass waves and tropical wood.
 A project working on one’s own motherland: Italian glass created by Milanese craftsmen and Brazilian Jacarandá, an extinct and light dark wood moulded
 in a community in Rio de Janeiro.
The project will be presented during the Design Weekend in São Paulo at MADE, prestigious exhibition curated by Waldick Jatobá with design galleries, editors and world famous designers at Jockey Club 
in São Paulo.

Rio de Janeiro, the “cidade maravilhosa”, is the stage that virtually hosts and inspires the birth of the project. Colours, sounds, tastes, of a white and powerful light. Through glass and wood, the designers talk of their being “viciados pelo mar” – addicted to the sea, the ocean and the beach, and inspired by the surfers in Ipanema, by the street traders, by the sunsets in Copacabana,
 by the white and black graphics on the sidewalks. Ondã plunges us into this imaginary world, displaying a family of three objects. The organic forms of Fluida,
 a tray, of Marina, a fruit bowl, and of Baia, a vase, talk about the sea and through the wood and the glass they dialogue together, bringing with them their own culture and ethics in work. Both materials and the peculiar working technique are typical
of the country where they come from, born from the constant dialogue between the designer and the craftsman; they are made by hand, and each of them is different, and signed by the two authors. The Italian part, curated by Giorgio Bonaguro,
 is in glass hand moulded in Milan (Vimercate). The three objects are born from the same material – glass –, cut and shaped in a wavy form. The glass meets the wood in the Brazilian part designed by Zanini de Zanine: the Jacarandá, a type of extinct wood, very rare and noble that comes from antique furniture that have been dismantled, is accustomed to playing with the sea and the organic movements, being densely impregnated: dark, thick and light. The project has been realized thanks to the Internet and the new technologies that make people closer and enable designers to work on the same object being physically miles away. The corporate image by Andrea Basile with a communication that is tainted by the sea. The attempt is to plunge at an acoustic and emotional level, thanks to the onomatopoeia linked with the world of water and the creation
of objects: the roar of the waves, the sound of the hammer on the wood,
the surfers sleeping on the beach, the water drops on the wood.
 The onomatopoeia are printed in postcard-shape and – against the current trend – have the emotional and colour part printed on the natural paper, in order to convey the idea of past experiences, emotional and impulsive, leaving the glossy part
to the institutional information.



Studio Zanini de Zanine

Studio Giorgio Bonaguro

Lilliana Basile – Curator and creator of the project

UNHATE Foundation

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